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  Highlights on Policy Changes and Clarification on some of the Rules
Posted by: Q - 02-12-2010, 05:05 PM - Forum: Introduction, Rules and Guidelines - No Replies

I haven't thought out how to re-org the misc information so I'm arbitrarily creating a new thread and later slice/dice on how to incorporate the info into the policies thread.

1) Admin Fee waived: As you all may have noticed in last month's game, TKO has now waived the admin fee. What you pay is the field costs. Any misc amenities like balloons, batteries for the bomb (yes I remembered from November's game Wink) will be fronted by TKOSOC. Of course members a welcome to donate if you so wish to.

2) Rule Clarification: No False HIT calls (or pretending to be hit). This is somewhat common sense for standard 15 min games however this applies to the campaign games too (such as the Spy/Assassin mission). Let's be sportsman like. TKOSOC won't be able to spell out every rule of what you can and can't do but you'll have to use your own judgment on what's fair play and what's not. I know there will be members who will find loopholes and test the limits of the rules. Please approach TKOSOC first before trying it out.

3) Rule Clarification: Medic Role reminder :-
a) You cannot ask the injured to come to you
b) You can only heal the injured twice (one band per arm)
c) Players healed twice return to base to respawn AND return arm bands there

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  Who's TKOSOC?
Posted by: Q - 24-11-2010, 03:13 PM - Forum: Introduction, Rules and Guidelines - Replies (1)

We've never really announced who the TKOSOC members are so in a recent change of members, some have suggested putting up who the TKOSOC names so that the rest of TKO will know who to approach.

1) Anarchy
- 4 yrs experience in Airsoft
- a closet vocal
2) Psycho
- almost a year's experience in Airsoft but years experience in Paintball
- semi vocal
3) Reaper
- More than 5 years experience in Airsoft?
- completely mute
4) RON
- ?? years experience in Airsoft
- newest TKOSOC (welcome)
5) Q - Sean Chan
- ~5 years experience in Airsoft
- extremely vocal

TKOSOC discusses the rules, policies, and guidelines to TKO run games. We also organise games naturally, and in general promote Airsoft in Japan.

If you have any questions, and/or suggestions, you're more than welcome to any of the TKOSOC members. We cannot guarantee we will implement your suggestions but we will definitely discuss them.

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  Few updates to the Forum: MyBB 1.6
Posted by: Q - 30-09-2010, 02:01 AM - Forum: Introduction, Rules and Guidelines - Replies (16)

I've upgraded MyBB to 1.6. A few mod changes I've done myself :-

1) PM - now includes the subject and content. Saves the hassle of clicking the link to go back to the Forum to read your PM's.
2) Increased Registered members's Inbox quota to 500 messages
3) Mail from TKO now comes from admin@tkoverkill.com

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Posted by: Q - 18-05-2010, 05:17 PM - Forum: Introduction, Rules and Guidelines - Replies (10)

Why is Psycho having problems posting...

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  TKO Forum Unplanned Downtime 13th February 2010
Posted by: Q - 13-02-2010, 06:46 PM - Forum: Introduction, Rules and Guidelines - Replies (1)

Apologies to all, TKO was down for most of today due to a database corruption error. To make the issue prolong, I've been at work the whole day and haven't had a chance to fix it until now.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


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  Site speed....
Posted by: MikeT - 04-09-2009, 02:05 AM - Forum: Introduction, Rules and Guidelines - Replies (17)

Is it just me or are we experiencing a slow down of the site?

For me it is taking a good 25+ seconds at least to do anything on the site, from changing forums to getting into out of PM..etc..

Anybody else experiencing the same?
The rest of the web seems to be good, so I'm thinking its not my MAC nor my internet connection...

PING tkoverkill.com ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=45 time=156.869 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=45 time=156.738 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=45 time=156.686 ms
PING http://www.l.google.com ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=247 time=20.866 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=247 time=20.491 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=247 time=19.721 ms

tkoverkill.com seems to be taking a rather long time .

A trace route was even more interesting...

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  TKOverkill Forum Back on track!
Posted by: Q - 12-12-2008, 04:24 PM - Forum: Introduction, Rules and Guidelines - No Replies

Hi all!!

As you're aware my computer server at home went down in early Sept and I was in Hong Kong for that duration. In Oct I set up a temporary forum (this forum).

Well I'm back in Tokyo, and managed to get my computer back up and I've also managed to re-load all the old articles from the old phpBB forum to this one. So the good news is that all the articles are back up!

Work is till not finished yet, there are duplicate members of which old members have started using new login names and new e-mails so I cannot tell which old member to match with new member. I've done some of those that I know but I'm sure there are still duplicate members out there.

I'll try to dump the member names in this forum (later post) and if you can please tell me :-

1) your old login
2) your new

And I'll merge your old login to your new.

Thank you!

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  Rules (English)
Posted by: Q - 12-12-2008, 04:14 PM - Forum: Introduction, Rules and Guidelines - No Replies

Safety Rules
1. Eye Protection
- Always wear eye protection in the game zone. (Goggles, Full Face Mask, Shooting Glasses) NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Gun Safety
- Turn on safety on all guns when in the safety zone.
- No loaded guns in safety zone (no mags in guns, empty chamber)
- Test fire at test range or game zone.
- When testing in the game zone yell out "Test Fire"

3. Power Safety
- 0.9891J (6mm bb) Legal Limit or Field Limit, whichever is lower.
- Each player is responsible for making sure their guns are within limit. If an over-limit complaint is received, spot checks will be conducted.

4. Play Safety
- No Blind Fire (i.e. You must look in the direction where you are shooting.)
- Don't move objects in the field. (i.e. barrels, props, etc)
- Don't use excessive force (i.e. pushing or kicking doors, etc)
- Grenades to be tossed underarm at rolling to low force of no further than 25 feet.

Honor System
1. Airsoft is very much a gentleman's sport and remember we play to have fun.
2. Cheaters are not welcome but we all understand no one is perfect, do your best to follow the honor system.
3. Respect your opponents efforts by acknowledging their shots. It doesn't always come easy to get a kill.
4. If someone is not honouring shots, bring it up with your GR at the safety area in calm, positive and open manner.

Rules of Engagement
1. What counts as a HIT?
- All direct hits to the BODY, EQUIPMENT, WEAPON, etc.
- All direct hits through a BUSHES, HOLES, CRACKS, etc.
- When you're in doubt of where a shot came from...you're out.
- No false "HIT" calls.

2. What doesn't count as a HIT?
- Ricochet shots
- Glass shots
- If the BB didn't hit you then it doesn't count

3. What to do when HIT?
- Call the hit by shouting "Hit!"
- Raise arms and or weapon in the air.
- Return to safety zone.

4. Don't Dos
- No Touch Kills
- No calling I HIT YOU's on your opponent. Each player is responsible for their own honor in the game.
- No conversations in the field (i.e. resolve hit disputes, etc)
- No shooting or looking out of bounds of the game zone.

5. Close Range Encounters
- Try to restrict usage of full-auto fire on your opponent.
- Try to aim away from the head area.

6. Medic Rules
- Patient stays where he/she's been hit. Patient cannot move
- Patient assumes a kneeling post with one hand in the air calling "Medic"
- Patient can only be healed twice (one band per arm). If hit for the 3rd time, patient is dead an head back to base.
- Medic must approach & apply the arm band onto victim him/herself. Patient not allowed to heal him/herself from an arm band given/thrown to the patient.
- Medic cannot heal him/herself. However Medic can relinquish his/her role to a team member on the field and that new medic can heal the former medic.

Equipment Guidelines [NEW]
1. BB Consumption
- bb-limits are decided by game modifiers and game scenarios. [MORE INFO HERE]
- Moscarts/Grenades/Claymores follow the same power limit rules but DO NOT count towards bb-limits when bb-limits are in effect.

2. Pyrotechnics
- Pyro (flares, smoke grenades, basically anything that combusts when used) is strictly prohibited.

3. Armbands
- Regular players bring their own yellow, red, blue & green armbands. Newbies will have tape prepared

4. Pistols
- We have some pistol-only games so bring one if you can.

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  Introduction (English)
Posted by: Q - 12-12-2008, 04:12 PM - Forum: Introduction, Rules and Guidelines - No Replies

Your TKOverkill Special Operations Command (hereafter TKOSOC) Reps are Anarchy, dStole, Q, Reaper. Please contact us for any questions/concerns you may have.

Welcome to TKOVERKILL. Based in Tokyo, we started this team as a portal to play airsoft in 2006. We try to arrange games tri-weekly at fields in and around Tokyo. Our games revolve around a bunch of skirmishing scenarios (not Mil-Sim) and we're open to those looking to have some good 'ol fashioned fun.

Gaming Style
Made up of players with very different skill sets, we come together to have high quality fun. And although not mil-sim, we run our games in a tactical manner and hinder away from non-sensical spray-n-pray. As such, our games incorporate a cap-limit on bb's with an exception of a few scenarios. We treat this sport much like a gentleman's sport and do not tolerate cheaters nor those with a weak sense of the honour system. Still sounds interesting? Read on...

Core Values
Fun, Safety, Fairplay - Each core value is as important as the other and must all exist for any one to work. Now this is much easier said than done and as such, we only encourage those with open minds who are willing to adhere to our rules to join our games.

What better way to relief all that pent up stress than to deck out in full gear and shoot your friends again and again? What can I say? This is the whole reason you're reading this in the first place right? Big Grin

We prioritize this above all for all the obvious reasons.


Now this is the crucial one for everyone to have fun. We will not hesitate to remind problematic players of the rules and if necessary; ban them from future events. As you might already know, Airsoft is all about the honour system. Unlike paintball, shots don't leave a mark and it is up to each one to "honour" the shots. (see "Rules" post for details) A few guidelines are as such:
1. Do not feel bad or lousy about being shot out.
2. Honour your opponent's effort spent to place that hit upon you, it doesn't always come easily
3. If you don't know where the shot came from, you're out.

Still interested in Joining?
We require that each group who joins nominate a group representative (GR).
1. GR's are responsible for everyone in their group and are vital contact points. Always appoint a deputy if the regular representative is not coming.
2. When anyone has an issue, (fun, safety, fairplay) bring it up with your GR who will either take action or discuss with other GRs to take the appropriate actions. This is so that a familiar face is the one relaying reminders or warning messages to avoid any ugliness.
3. As such, each GR must lead by example and be active about keeping their members in check at all times.

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  Introduction (Japanese)
Posted by: Q - 12-12-2008, 03:51 PM - Forum: Introduction, Rules and Guidelines - No Replies

TKOVERKILLへようこそ。 TKOVERKILL は東京を拠点とし、エアーソフト(サバイバルゲーム)を楽しむための集まりとして2006年に結成されました。現在3週間に1度の割合で東京近郊でゲームを開催しています。我々の行うゲームの内容、シナリオはバラエティに富んでおり、さらに参加者がゲームを楽しむことを一番重要視しています。ルールを守り、我々と一緒にゲームを楽しんでくれるメンバーの参加は常に歓迎します。


「楽しく、安全、公平に」 この3つの項目はどれも非常に重要で、そのどれか1つが欠けるということもありえません。この信条に共感を抱き、一緒にゲームに参加していただける方であれば人種、国籍、宗教、性別に関係なく歓迎します。



フェアープレーの精神は非常に重要です。問題のあるメンバーには、我々は躊躇せず警告を発し、TKOVERKILL が主催するゲームへの出入り禁止措置を取ることもありえます。エアーソフト(サバイバルゲーム)はご存知のように、お互いの信頼があって始めて成り立つ遊びです。ペイントボール(インク入りの弾を撃ち合うゲーム)とは違い、BB弾が当たっても証拠は残りません。当たった、当たってないの判断はそれぞれのプレーヤーに委ねられます。

1. 撃たれても恥じたり、極端にくやしがったり、不幸に感じたりしないこと
2. 相手もがんばって貴方を撃とうとしているのですから、当たったかな?と思ったらHITを宣言してあげましょう
3. どこから撃たれたか分からない場合でも、弾があたったらHITを宣言しましょう

複数で参加される方は必ずそのグループの代表を決めてください(グループの代表=Group Representative=GR )
1. 代表はそのグループの責任者となり、TKOVERKILLやグループ内の連絡を伝える役目も担います。途中で代表を辞退する場合、当日不参加となる場合などは必ず代理の代表を指名してください
2. プレー内容に問題がある人を見かけた場合、まずは自分のグループの代表の方に連絡をお願いします。その後、代表同士で話し合いを持ち、処分を決定します。
3. 以上のように、グループの代表の方は様々な場面でグループを取りまとめ、また積極的に活動していただく必要があります。

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