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Test - Q - 18-05-2010

Why is Psycho having problems posting...

RE: Test - Wraith - 18-05-2010

I can post just fine

RE: Test - ThunderMidget - 18-05-2010

ThunderMidget rules!

RE: Test - Ycare - 18-05-2010

No problem here.

RE: Test - GingaNinga - 18-05-2010

Not sure if you wanted us to "test" it for you Q, but all is well here.

RE: Test - EL Brandoninjapan - 18-05-2010


RE: Test - Q - 18-05-2010

(18-05-2010, 07:07 PM)GingaNinga Wrote: Not sure if you wanted us to "test" it for you Q, but all is well here.

Actually nope....not really needed since it was more for me 'cos Psycho was having problems. But since you guys started, I sorta left it 'cos I found it amusing Big Grin.

RE: Test - RON - 18-05-2010

Alive and kicking!

RE: Test - chaos - 18-05-2010

I can reply! But when I try starting a thread for this Sunday's public game, I get labelled as a spammer and my account gets locked out.... Sad

RE: Test - Q - 18-05-2010

Looks like akismet 1.2.1 is somewhat too agressive :-

I've disabled it now since it's causing Psycho problems. Means I'll need to watch for SPAM registrations more carefully.

RE: Test - chaos - 18-05-2010

Thanks Q - I posted the thread in the event announcement forum. Guess you can turn the spam blocker back on.... it probably didn't like the fact that I had a few URLs in the message??

(which is strange because we all always have URLs in threads etc)...