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Hellfire 6mm Paintball BBs
Anyone seen these before? Seems like the best of both worlds if they work properly. Little bit pricey though, $20 for 500 rounds.

Here's Ehobbyasia's link:

And redwolf has a video up:

Looks like it comes in green, blue, and white. Would really eliminate issues of knowing when you're hit or not, but it would make clean up a little more of an issue.
Uh, yeah, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm pretty sure those are forbidden in Japan.
I remember when I first bought my TM GBB like 4 years ago and I was looking for those paint BBs since I was using them too in France, the owner of the shop explained me those are not allowed in the country, only plain BBs are, which would explain why I never saw anywhere around paint BBs.

Anyone care to confirm?
The price alone would probably keep me from jumping all over it anyway, after shipping it would be like 3000yen a bottle. I do remember having a conversation with someone about paintball in Japan in general, and he raised a similar point so you could be right.
ThunderMidget and I were talking about this today. We were thinking we should buy some without telling anyone and then just light everyone and their expensive multicam kit up with paint. Of course it was a joke, but it would surely upset a few folks.

I have never played paintball, but my assumption has always been that one of the differences is the trust one places in the other player to call their hits. I am happy playing with the TKO group because I feel that everyone is really good about calling it. Adding these would surely increase the amount of calling others out...
I hit you.
No you didn't!
Sure I did, look at the paint.
That was from the last game.
and on and on.

And then their is the cleaning and transportation of gear.
I don't want one of those exploding in my mask fan vent, or on my new ACR, or even on my vest that has to go in a backpack with everything else at the end of the day.

Not for me.
hullo, not new...see date of article :-

Then, there's Verdict Marker BB's that came out last year. It's better in the sense that it's not wet paint and can be brushed off, but of course there's concern of it messing up with your hop bucking.

All in all, anyone leaves marks on my MC vest....@#$^@#&*$@#.

I did test the RATech versions back in Blackhole last year.

Also, note on another RATech product BB Bombs :-
Yeah, I can imagine for you more kitted out guys clean up is a bigger issue. I wear street gear so it's just a matter if tossing a bunch of stuff in the machine when I'm done. Also, I don't imagine the fields would be to happy about it possibly, since it would make the fort areas kind a messy, and more than a little slippery unless they cleaned it up constantly. Still, an interesting idea I might consider if I ever go back to Canada and start deciding on airsoft or paintball again.
The Verdict's better as it can be wiped off more easily. However, it's gotta be wiped off each game (and done properly) otherwise you'd be wondering if the mark is from the previous game or current.

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