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A matter of curiosity regarding FarEast
Hey, so everyone remember when FarEast decided to sell all his equipment and change his hobby from airsoft to cycling? And then proceeded to sell like five people about a thousand bucks worth of broken equipment, then vanish from Teh Internets for forever?
I've recently bought a rather nice bicycle, and my girlfriend is trying to get me to join a group of foreigner bicycle enthusiasts. I was wondering if anyone remembers the joker's real name. I don't plan on doing anything about it, it's been four years and I hardly care any more, but as a matter of curiosity, I'd enjoy knowing if I'm associating with someone of that moral character or not. Can't claim I have even the faintest recollection of his face, other than him being a tall, sandy blonde Aussie. Any info would do a lot to scratch a niggling little itch I've had for years.

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